lead generation & digital ads
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We get you more leads for your business by running highly targeted digital ads and setting up follow up campaigns that turn your leads into buyers, quick!
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We have built a solution that gets you interested customers, sends them Information about your product immediately after they sign up, and allows you to communicate with them all in one place.

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Increase your sales, expand your database, generate more inquiries, or expand your client base.

Is there a setup fee?​

There is no setup fee. All packages are priced "all-in". This includes ad-spend, setup fees, and maintenance fees. 

What about e-commerce or stores?​

These ads work for e-commerce and stores. We just would not connect to the CRM. We would likely drive traffic directly to their website/store.

How does the process work? What is the timeline?​

After you submit the deal you will fill out the onboarding form using the link provided in the receipt page. The team will then begin working on the ads, funnels, or other parts of the campaign. If more information is needed, the team will request it via email. The team will request access to the client's Facebook page. The ads will be sent to you for reference (you can share with your clients to get feedback and show them your work) and we allow up to one revision. Once ads are approved, you will get a welcome email including CRM access (if not e-commerce). You will get an account and so will your client.

On what day does the billing start?​

The month of "billing" for this service starts on the first-day ads are pushed live. However, this is a monthly recurring service and it will rebill the same day each month. If you do not want to renew, we will need to know at least 7 days in advance of the re-bill date.


​How much of the budget is actually spent on ads?

Each package has the range listed in the details. This varies on a case by case basis and depends on the campaign. The goal to always put the client in an ROI positive range but we have to allocate the budget across multiple areas to give the client the best results. Some of the budget also goes towards fees for SMS follow-up campaigns. If there are a lot of additional campaigns and follows ups, the spend decreases. If it is a simple ad that doesn't involve follow ups, the ad spend % increases.