E-commerce and Brand Awareness Ads

These new ads packages are being introduced specifically for e-commerce brands. The objective is to convert interested people into paying customers. With this ads package, we have full transparency of campaigns including total ad spend, cost per purchase, etc. 

One of the major benefits of these packages is that they include full retargeting campaigns. Meaning that if someone views a companies website, profile, or engages with the ad, they will be hit with a variety  of retargeting campaigns meant to turn that person into a paying customer. With this package, you pay for ad spend +  the setup/ maintenance. While these two aspects are invoiced together,  the ad spend is reported on separately. This allows for full  transparency of conversion metrics and direct hard advertising costs involved with converting customers.

If you are familiar with our lead gen service, you know a large portion of the package revolves around the CRM, campaign automations, and follow-ups. Since this service is catered to e-commerce clients, no CRM access is available (or necessary) since conversion data and customer info would be stored on their store backend. For reporting, we provide detailed reporting on the metrics involved in the campaign.


Included with every campaign is the creation of the necessary creatives to run the ads (ex. Photos of the products with text, graphics, elements, etc.) If the client already has finished creatives we wouldn’t need to do these however we will generally create at least 3 of our own creatives to split test including various creatives for retargeting campaigns .